Salvatore’s passion and Mirvana’s deep dedication, together with new technologies research and development has contributed to the achievement of a family’s dream:

To offer a complete balanced plant-based diet, in order to get healthy eating habits without giving up the love for good and tasty food.

Mirvana Bio comes from International Food, a family run business with roots in Romagna, thru sweet hills and small villages, a picturesque area where the Gallo Family has been working for forty years, offering new ideas and alternatives in the food industry.  Healthy, plant based and organic options.

Since 1980 the company has been providing plant based food, “serving” the tables of the family, friends, and clients with a real new lifestyle.

Nowadays the company provides national and international partners, pushing the industry boundaries with the highest manufacturing standards and great professional relationships.

Our raw materials


From organic produce


Just the best Italian crops


100% Italian


+ Calcium

… observing good principles !

Goal of Healthy eating

Our plant based drinks, together with a healthy and balanced diet, are able to provide the body with every need: proteins, fibers, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants and vitamin C.

Careful choice of raw materials

It’s crucial for us to be able to pick the right ingredients. For this reason we grant the highest quality of our products, Italian Organic Origin for all.

Philosophy of the short chain

We know how importanti is a short supply-chain and finest quality, for this reason we select our raw materials only from the most dedicated italian growers.

Our values

For the environment

Respect for the animlas

Low  CO2 emissions

Low water consumption

Respect for biodiversity

Green Economy circular good processing

For the people

Balanced healhty diet

Respect and care for our team memebers, their needs, enable their talents to thrive

Respect and clear communication with our costomers

Availability of our products

Green technology processing

Green tecnology

The passion for our land has led us to file several invention patents fon new extraction technologies.

Verification of values

We continuosly and carefully test our drinks in order to grant steady quality and nutritional contet

Laboratory analysis

Our lab mantains our standard high thru internal rigorous  inspections on every production phase, from the raw materials to the packed product

Our quality standards are complying to the most important international
public agencies

Other product lines
100% plant based